Since its inception in 1974 Argo Building Company has successfully performed across nearly every sector of the construction industry.
From Healthcare to education, restaurant to light-industrial, and retail to residential Argo has seen the width and breadth of modern construction and understands how to produce these projects for our clients. Since our founding we have come to understand that our strength is our team and that our focus must always be pride in craftsmanship. Every project is a team challenge and every member of our organization has been chosen not only for their expertise but for their work ethic and commitment to achieving our common goals.
We believe that if you surround yourself with quality people who share these common desires the results will be outstanding and that is what we offer our clients. Whether we’re installing sensitive medical equipment adjacent to active operating rooms at UAB, building a storm shelter inside a public school to keep children safe, or making a retail space look as good as the products inside our pride in craftsmanship and our team’s commitment to every detail of complex modern construction projects is what sets us apart and will sustain our continued success and growth into the future.
Serving the community for 45 years.
Argo Bulding Company celebrates it's 45th year of service to the community of central Alabama and the surrounding areas. We are proud of the hard work that has gone into every project over the past fourty-five years as we continue to build now and into the future.