Project Budgeting

Argo Building Company offers budgeting services to architects and owners during their design development stages. We evaluate design concepts with clients to help determine that their design is in line with their project budget. Upon evaluation, we recommend cost savings to the client from a contractors perspective.


Argo Building Company offers pre-construction conferencing to assist the owner in understanding all of the parties involved with the construction project.

Design & Build

Argo Building Company's design-build service takes on a whole different relationship between the owner and architect. Upon contact from a client regarding a project, we meet with the owner to determine the scope and complexity of work. Once the scope has been defined, we select outside design consultants to assist in the schematic design. We then have program meetings with the owner to identify specific needs of the client to be incorporated into the project during the design development stage. After all needs of the project have been addressed and integrated into the design documents. Construction documents are then produced and construction begins. Design build service establishes one point of contact for the owner who is aware of all costs for the project which enables the owner to achieve their project budget.

Construction Management

Construction projects require planning, coordinating and monitoring in order to be successful ventures. Argo Building Company utilizes these methods to manage their projects. The planning process involves scheduling the project activities prior to construction so that materials can be procured in the necessary time frames. We offer a Primavera Suretrak scheduling program to assist during the planning process. On-site coordination and monitoring is provided through a job superintendent who is assigned to each Argo project. Offsite coordination and monitoring is handled through a project manager who handles the procurement of materials and cost monitoring of the project. These methods of management ensure successful projects.